Dear Yolande,

Where do I begin! From the moment you came to our home to speak with us about the possibility of being our Doula we knew we didn't want anyone else. For us it was a lot of money but felt the support we sensed you were going to give us was priceless.

In that first hour meeting, you gave Harry & I so much information about our birth options & set Harry completely at ease. He wasn't sure he wanted a Doula until he met you!

After 2 really information prenatal sessions we felt ready to birth our baby in the gentlest way possible. We'd learnt active birth positions, talked about the different birth outcomes & even decided to have my placenta encapsulated.

What really struck us about Yolande was she was really knowledgable but without any bias, she was to the the point but very kind & just the nicest person with a brilliant knack of using humor when it was needed.

We couldn't have wanted her to do more for the actual birth. She arrived an hour after my contractions became regular & supported me through those early stages, holding my hand, coaching me gently, constantly pressing my hips & back to ease the sensations.

She suggested changes of positions, and even a to move to the bath which was bliss! She made sure I drank & ate & wee'd but most importantly she helped Harry to be my birth partner in the best way he could. He really cherishes that & raves about her to all our pregnant friends!

The post natal visits were the icing on the cake. So amazing to have this continuing support, even to the extent of having some homeopathic remedies for Bodhi's cold & slight colic.

I would recommend Yolande wholeheartedly & hope that if we have another baby we live close enough to have her be part of that too! Thank you Yolande for giving Harry, Bodhi & I the support we needed to have the gentlest birth we could  Xx

Jessie, Harry and Bodhi


I decided to employ a doula for the birth of my son (my first child), because I felt I needed friendly, encouraging, calm and professional support during labour. Yolande provided exactly that. I found the two visits before labour useful so we could get to know one another and talk through my birth plan, the different stages of labour, and discuss what perhaps to expect and not to expect. This helped me feel confident with my decisions before and during labour. She checked in with me on a regular basis while I was experiencing the first and prolonged stage of labour (36 hours), always ready to come round any time, whenever I felt I needed her to, but also leaving me in my own comfort zone when I felt I wanted to be by myself. Her presence was invaluable during the second stage of labour, especially when I had to deal with unhelpful hospital staff at first, and while I was recovering from an epidural. She stayed with me and my son throughout the day, until late in the evening, supplying me with food and drinks and helping me figure out breastfeeding. Again, at no point did her presence feel intrusive, but rather reassuring and comforting. In the same way were her postnatal visits helpful where Yolande also showed me some gentle exercise to help my body recover from giving birth. I’m glad I took the decision to have Yolande accompany me through this very important time of my life. I have never been so happy and relaxed as I am now as a mother; and I feel the fact that I had such a positive birth experience certainly is a contributing factor.

Mira S

I used Yolande as my doula for the birth of my baby girl. It was my first baby and I had all the usual reservations of a first time mum but also felt that I wanted to have someone on hand to guide me through, not only the birth but each stage leading up to the birth in a positive, calm and natural way. Yolande has a wealth of knowledge in both pre and post natal care and uses her experience in both homeopathy and doula birthing techniques to provide a wonderful service for anybody looking for a positive birthing experience. She did not leave my side throughout my entire birth (22 hours in total) and I wouldn't hesitate to get her back again should I have another baby.  We forged a lovely bond and to me that is hardest thing to find!! 

Danielle K - Marketing

Yolande was instrumental in my decision to have a home birth that was the most amazing experience in my life. Her super positive attitude and energy gave me a strength and faith when I needed motivation. She also beautifully capture magical moment on camera. I am very grateful for her support. 

Daria - Auctioneer

 I would highly recommend Yolande she was great, very warm and friendly and I found her presence very reassuring. She was a great support in labour helping my partner and me. Having a doula was overall a very positive experience. 

Nicola H - Solicitor

 We are first time parents and wanted someone who understood what was going on and could provide support and safety during labour. During labour she made sure I was hydrated and fed, making suggestions for positions, she has a very reassuring voice. I couldn’t have done it without her! I would have a doula again especially Yolande, I honestly couldn’t imagine going through labour without a doula, it made for a relatively relaxed experience.

E.  Black, Data analyst

 I had email conversations with many doulas but Yolande was the only one I met in person and we were on the same page straight away. We met for coffee a few times and chatted generally about expectations for birth and our beliefs about childbirth etc. She was a great person to chat to and alleviated any anxieties I had. Throughout labour, Yolande was amazing! Even though for most of the labouring, I sent her out of the room, bless her. She gave me the reassurance I needed and called the midwives for me, never leaving my side. I was able to breathe through most of the labour as I knew she was nearby looking out for me. She also made sure I always had water to drink and liaised with the midwives. After my baby was born she was great and helped me get breastfeeding started. She also made me a lovely placenta smoothie, as I asked, straight after birth and held the baby for me so I could get showered and settled. Postnatally Yolande came by to keep me company, we also met for coffee nearby and she even, very kindly, held the tiny one whilst I got my eyelashes tinted!  I would absolutely recommend having a doula! It made all the difference, knowing that someone was there with no other agenda but to support me.  Yolande is an absolute delight. She is a very warm, non-judgmental person who seems very relaxed about most things in life. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to natural childbirth- we got on very well! She knew just the right things to say to alleviate my anxiety and generally build me up when I was doubting myself- wish I could keep her as my inside voice forever .

M. Shaw, creative director

 I hired a Doula because the birth of my first child was very long and I did not feel very supported by the midwifes at the hospital. I ended up with being induced and an epidural which was not part of my birth plan. I decided to have a Doula during my second birth because I felt that an extra pair of hands even just to massage my back or bring me tea would help tremendously as I was determined to have a natural child birth without pain relief.  Yolande came to my house as my contractions where 5 minutes apart and straight away knew what to do. She immediately applied pressure on my lower back and helped during position changes. She knew exactly when to make that transition from home to hospital and kept me calm as I was waiting to be examined and admitted to the delivery room. Yolande reminded me about my options as we discussed in antenatal sessionsShe also made sure that i had a cold flannel on my forehead and that i was energised with dextrose. after I had given birth my Doula stayed with me 4 hours until i was moved to my bed, she made sure i had enough to eat and drink and kept me company. I felt supported during the entire labouring process and i felt that additional responsibilities such as answering questions to midwifes where taken care of. Yolande helped with holding the baby and organised tea and food for me. She stayed with me as long as I wanted her to be with me so I did not feel alone straight after giving birth. Postnatally Yolande came for a visit to check how I and the baby where getting on. We talked about my birth experience again and recapped all the events during labour. Yes. I would definately hire a doula as it is such an invaluable help. Just to have the extra support would give me peace of mind and being able to let go of my fears and concentrate on birthing. I would recommend it by sharing my positive experience that I had with my Doula. Yolande is a very caring person with great listening skills. She is very helpful and has a lot of knowledge of homeopathy and natural childbirth. Yolande respected my privacy whenever I needed it and acted immediately when needed. She was very helpful during the entire birthing process and made me feel good and give me strength to go on even when I was experiencing pain. My partner also felt that our Doula was of great help and a calming presence which made him feel more confident too .

Micheala Krog, mama