One to one or small private group classes are perfect if you are looking to receive personalised attention for your yoga practice. This can be arranged in the comfort of your own home or place of work. I offer sessions for yoga, pregnancy and post natal.

Private classes are perfect for:

·       beginners who want to learn the basics properly

·       those who feel like they are not flexible enough and are uncomfortable to attend a group class

·       those with a challenging injury and want to find ways to restore and strengthen

·       those who feel confused with alignment

·       those who want to work on specific postures with a particular goal

·       those who are interested in the breathing techniques to help reduce anxiety and calm the mind

·       those who need to practice at a time that suits them

Private classes are a great way to learn and specifically aimed at your particular needs.
If you are interested please contact me via the contact form for availabilities. 

*Please note that we operate a 24h cancellation policy so you are welcome to reschedule your class with 24h+ notice.