I LOVED your pre natal yoga class, hence why I asked you to be my doula.  I had tried a few classes in the area but didn’t feel the vibe of the classes were a good fit for me, but then when I came across yours I felt like it was just right.  I loved the information/talking that you do during the session, I felt like I was learning about birth and releasing fear along the way, and I really liked the hand out message things in a bag (positive affirmations) you do…it focussed me into thinking positively and I always left feel really calm and positive. The class was well paced, and it was a good place to meet people.  It just had a really good community feel to it.


Yolande is a fantastic yoga teacher!  Working with her sorted out a long-standing back problem left over from running a marathon – I’d tried several body work methods, but relapses were frequent until I started regular yoga practice with Yolande.  She puts strong focus on each individual’s health and situation, bringing a fully holistic approach to yoga teaching, perhaps because of her training in various CAM disciplines.  She has a sound understanding of how to work with physical limitations and strengths of each individual, and how to encourage development in yoga practice – safely.  Along with all that, Yolande keeps an often moving, low-key focus on the spiritual aspect of yoga that allows a very special deepening of body awareness well beyond the ordinary ‘keep fit’ level .  

Suse M, 51

 Yolande takes great pains to find out how you are, how you’ve been, and what ailments you might be suffering from – physical and otherwise.  She’s made great efforts to tailor the classes to suit my needs.  Her sensitivity in demonstrating and transmitting correct posture, and her way of explaining things, means that I gain immediate relief for and improvement in my very tense muscles and joints.  What she offers has become a necessity for my life. 

Sam D, 58

 I wanted to say a big thank you to you for all of the wonderful things you taught me. Although the labour was highly medicalised as planned I could not have got through it without your mantras and advice on breathing. I had an intense 18 hour labour that started just an hour after being given the induction drugs!

Shiv B, 32, Buyer

 I really enjoyed the pregnancy yoga classes, and have enjoyed the continuity through the postnatal classes too. The pregnancy yoga was really helpful for both my body and mind in preparing me for childbirth - I found learning positions for childbirth very helpful and also breathing techniques for channeling pain! It was also very helpful throughout the pregnancy to take time out of my busy week to think about the baby and pregnancy. Particularly towards the end of pregnancy it was very helpful talking about any anxieties or issues about the birth or afterwards with the baby. I would (and have) recommend this class to friends.

 Rachel – neurologist

 I really enjoyed the pregnancy yoga classes and looked forward to them every week. They were the most useful things that I did with regards to preparing for the birth as the techniques I learned in the class were what got me through my very long labour! I used the positions, affirmations and breathing and even my partner was reminding me to try all of the different positions that I had told him about after every class. Having the space within my working week, while pregnant, to focus solely on my growing baby was a magical time and one that I thoroughly recommend. Being able to discuss fears, questions and expectations with other mums in a safe, caring space created by Yolande was a fantastic emotional support too. I would not hesitate to recommend the classes and in fact would advise all mothers to be to take the yoga classes. I cannot explain how important the yoga, both pre and postnatal has been to my motherhood journey. You have been a fabulous support and I cannot thank you enough. 

 Siobhan – primary school teacher

 The classes were varied so always learned something new each week. I had a natural labour so I used the poses and techniques from the classes during the birth of our baby which helped with the pain, relaxation and having the right posture. I found the pair stretches and breathing really helpful, as those were the techniques I used the most during labour.  Yolande is a fab teacher who really focuses on each student. Really felt much stronger and more confident after each class.  

Jennifer C, 29

 Yoga definitely helped to keep me calm and breathing!

 Ali, 27– teacher

 Yolande’s teaching was an absolute blessing in preparing me for the birth of my little one. Yolande’s yoga lessons focused on the importance of breathing as an essential part of relaxing the body. Yolande’s practice was insightful of what you can do to help your body through the birth process by using different positions, gravity to help the baby down the birth canal, and deep breathing before and during labour. Yolande’s practice empowered me to realise the link there is between controlling your mental and physical state. This is a crucial skill to maintain during contractions. Yolande’s knowledge and understanding supported me by dispelling tension in the build up towards the arrival of my baby. Yolande gave positive encouragement in pre-birth meditation, which helped me to connect with my baby. I am positive that my experience in Yolande’s pregnancy yoga classes contributed to my ability to have a natural birth, free from drugs and intervention. This in turn supported my quick recovery, after the safe delivery of my baby

Hazel Florez – illustrator

 I just wanted to write and thank you for your classes and to say that I gave birth to a lovely baby girl last week. There were several things that I harnessed during the labour that you taught us. I was extremely grateful for the experience of your classes and that I was able to give birth in the calm and centred and happy way that I did.  Funnily, I used the hands in the air shaking meditation throughout my contractions and it was amazing...that and the 4/8 breathing and much more... thank you.

Molly - writer

Just wanted to let you know that baby N arrived in the early hours. We're all doing really well and enjoying these special days together.  The hypno-birthing, relaxation, affirmations and breathing were all so helpful during my labour (which was pretty quick at 8 hours!), so thanks Yolande for your amazing teaching!